Hi Honey, I'm Home!

This is the first time in several weeks I am able to stop, breathe and write.  Two weeks ago, we moved from Oakland to Fort Bragg.  Fort Bragg is on the Mendocino Coast in Northern California.  Currently, I am sitting outside on the back deck while the crescent moon rises over the towering redwoods in our backyard.  I am glued to this seat it seems.  The deer have me mesmerized and enchanted.  We have several that come through to eat apples.  Fewer I fear since we moved in. They sense activityand are coming around less.  I have taken it upon myself to keep notes on the deer and name several of them. My favorites are Winston a four pointed buck and Oliver another buck perhaps a yearling, he’s too old to be with his mom and too young to have full grown horns.  Oliver is the bravest of the deer.  He lets the cat get pretty close to him as she hides behind the tree and jumps out at him every so often.  Winston was chased away by the cat just the other day. So much for a big Buck.


Business plans seem to be moving along although it looks like a part time job may be an order just while I can get myself on my feet.  I am filling orders right now and experimenting with some new techniques and practicing some old ones.

My short-long term plan is to teach basic lampworking classes to people in the community.  If you know of anyone that lives up in Mendocino or Fort Bragg and might be interested in classes, send them my way by phone or email.  I will be having classes on weekends too at some point where people can come up for the weekend and learn lampworking.


I am taking orders off of my website and my Etsy site for the holidays.  My biggest sellers seem to be the flowers I started making in August.  These beautiful flowers of shimmering color and delicate tinkling sounds make great gifts in bouquets or as a hostess gift or a collector.


Thank you to all and have a spooky fun hallowee