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Shades of Blue Lampwork Glass Flowers


Indigo, Sky, Azure, Baby, Cobalt, Midnight, Prussian, teal and the list goes on let's face it blue is a beautiful color and it will look beautiful in your home or office or your home office.

Each flower is approximately 1-2" in diameter and the flower stem is 12" long and is made from 1/16" gauge wire. The flowers are made by heating colorful glass rods to an extremely high temperature before working the glass into the whimsical flower shapes and details you see in the product pictures.

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20160413_162434 (1).jpg

Additional Info

Brighten up your home with these ethereal glass flower sculptures. Each individual flower is one of a kind and you may buy one or several in similar shades to make up a bunch. They will look bright and cheerful in a vase in your kitchen or use them as a table centerpiece at your wedding in place of real flowers that won't last much longer than the wedding itself.

These flowers could also be given in place of real flowers for occasions such as Mother's Day or a wedding anniversary.  They will be especially perfect as a modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary gift.