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Take a class!

 Be introduced to the amazing art of glass beadmaking.  If you've never experienced making a bead I will take you through the process in about 3 hours.  I will review safety procedures, materials and equipment and most importantly you will learn to make a few beads.  Then, if you absolutely love what you experienced in the 3 hour class we can set up a time for you to take more in depth classes. 

If you are familiar with beadmaking and want to go in depth, my next class is a 12 hour intensive.  It can be taken over a weekend or on a weekly schedule.  I can have up to 5 students so if you want to take the intensive and have a weekend with your friends or family, you can come and stay up in Fort Bragg.  There are many places to stay and wonderful things to do so make it a weekend of fun.

I have room in my home to accommodate 1 person or a couple for a nominal fee.

Contact me on the form below and let me know what your schedule is and we can set something up.

Questions to ask about a Beginning Beadmaking Class -

When taking a class in bead making it's good to make sure you have the right teacher and set-up.   Here are some things to consider from the International Society of Glass Bead artists. 


In Mendocino County, Flowers can be purchased through Interior on Redwood in Fort Bragg

Classes are given at our home studio in Fort Bragg, California on the Mendocino coast.


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