Tea House Glass

Green, Purple Assymetrical Mandala Lolly Earrings


These gorgeous greenand purple “Mandala Lolly” glass earrings are the perfect accessory for casual or formal outfits.  The delicate hypoallergenic sterling silver wires and hooks set against the sunny transparent swirls of the glass pendant earrings make a totally stunning piece of jewelry.  The earrings are handmade by me in my studio in Fort Bragg.  The beads are individually crafted by heating up colored glass rods with a torch and then bending them into whimsical swirls.  These would make wonderful holiday birthday gifts for ladies who like bright, vibrant colors. 



All of my lampwork glass beads are individually handmade from Effetre, Vetrofond, CIM (color is messy), glass rods. They are annealed (heated and then cooled slowly) in a digitally controlled kiln to toughen the glass and promote long lasting strength and durability.  I guarantee my work and will replace any pieces that should happen to break as a result of my craftsmanship.

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